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Cardinal Points Clinic

Case Study


Cardinal Points Clinic is an Osteopathic Clinic located in Orangeville, Ontario. Their main goal and tagline is to help everyone Live Pain Free.

The Problem

Originally, Dan reached out to me about getting more traffic to his existing website. He had been operating his business for some time and was looking to increase his traffic by increasing his online presence. His website and socials were self managed and needed some focused attention.

The Solution

The first solution was optimizing his existing website for better search results. Adding missing H1 tags, optimizing images and creating a better mobile experience were top priorities. After making some changes to his existing template, we started creating ads for his website to post on socials.

These ads were made using his existing logo and colours and expanding on a theme. After a quick results, Dan was convinced he needed an entirely new face for his brand.

The Results

The initial run of SEO and advertising resulted in an overwhelming booking of appointments using his online booking solution. His business was taking off and he really wanted to make sure he had matching branding across all applications. At this point, we started creating a full brand solution including a new logo, typography, colours and conversations about brand voice.

The Learns

One thing I learned was the initial blast of advertising is so important. That first impression really gives the first taste of the brand to potential customers. It is worth spending the extra time to create a first presentation when launching any company.

Another learn from a creator to client perspective is you have to be patient. When the client starts to see the results, they'll be more inclined to give you follow up work. Don't try to rush the rebrand until they're comfortable with the results. It is their business after all.


Cardinal Points Clinic was my first major rebrand. Working with Dan has been insightful and a welcome challenge. We've worked hard together to create something we're both proud of and can continue to build upon. Working on this client relationship has resulted in additional work from referalls which I am very thanful for. This project also helped me showcase all that I am capable of and I am proud to display this work in my portfolio.